Invest every month in Gold, BTC and ETH
only with your email.

Buy BTC, ETH, gold with crypto or with fiat.
You dont need a wallet and it is non-custodial.




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*GOLD is XAUt by Tether. Silver, Copper and Brent Crude Oil are not available right now.

Non-custodial crypto brokerage
without exotic assets

Native email wallet

Easily manage investments with an email-based Ethereum wallet, simplifying your entry into digital assets.


Secure your digital assets with full control; only you manage and transfer, ensuring you are sovereign.

Flexible payments

Seamlessly transact using fiat or crypto with our versatile payment solutions, ensuring easy access to the market from any location

Recurring investment

Automate your investment strategy with recurring buys, ensuring you consistently build your portfolio over time.

Low fees

Access the crypto market at low, transparent costs, removing traditional barriers without hidden fees.

Curated assets

Navigate the market with only valuable commodities and digital assets. Quality over quantity.


HedgeHog is issuing secure, transparent
commodity stablecoins

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in troy ounces

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in troy ounces

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in pounds

as a crypto

100% backed reserve

Fully secured by real-world commodities, ensuring trust and transparency in every transaction.

Accessible and divisible

Fractional ownership made easy, enabling investment at any scale for everyday investors.

24/7 trading

Trade anytime, anywhere without time or location constraints, making your investments work on your schedule.


Convert digital assets into physical commodities, bridging the virtual with the tangible.

Easy storage

Secure your commodities like you secure any other digital assets. No more physical hassle.

Neutral monetary assets

Commodities are not tied to any single economy's performance, offering a balanced investment approach.

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